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Several agreements and assignments have been signed during years 2008 – 2012 concerning:

Ministry of the Environment:  Directorate-General for the Environment, Land and Water.

Even for 2012 was signed an agreement to continue providing support and specialized technical assistance by qualified personnel.
The support of the working group covers the following activities: Water, Waste, Remediation, Litigation and Legal Affairs, Projects and Community Programs.

Ministry of Environment-Directorate for the Protection of Nature and the Sea.

Technical assistance and operational support to the Directorate within the regeneration program management for the management of the park authorities and national marine protected areas for the exercise of supervisory power.

Ministry of Environment - Directorate General for Environmental Assessments.

Even for 2012 has been confirmed to support the activities of the Directorate for Environmental Assessments as part of Atmospheric Pollution, of the Environmental Impact Assessment, Strategic Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programs and Certification, Environmental Pollution Acoustic, Electromagnetic and ionizing radiation.

Support to the Head Department of Environmental concerning energy renewable sources and energy efficiency, Environmental Impact Assessments and the “Committee for the Environmental Impact Assessment” – EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) and SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment);

Ministry of the Environment Directorate-General for Development, Climate and Energy.

European Regional Development Fund  - ERDF ( Programming 2007 -2013)

Technical support activities to the Department on procedures on the Activity of the Interregional Operational Programme

European Social Fund   - ESF (Programming 2007-2013)

Initiatives to improve integration of environmental components, implementation of development policies activated by regions of Campania, Apulia, Calabria and Sicily. The goal of environmental integration is pursued through training modules, thematic workshops, workshops, field studies, guidelines, etc..

Interventions for safety and remediation and redevelopment of areas of national interest: Campania, Basilicata, Sardinia, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Tuscany.
Definition and planning of technical interventions focusing on the emergencies and needs for environmental remediation, safety and reclamation of Giuliano Municipality and Pianura SIN (Region of Campania);

Directions works aimed at restoration of watersheds.
Redevelopment of the lake basin of Lake Patria and sewer system of the Camaldoli hill afferent territory of Marano ( Naples).


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